AUROTECH electronics AS was established in 1990 by Audun Græsli and Roger Gullikstad. Their goal was to become a recognized high-tech company in 10 years. Since then, the company has completed more than 35 successful electronic development projects for other companies and more than reached its goals.

In 2000, the company decided that its new goal would be to develop a product of their own with large international potential. In 2003, after evaluating the company’s expertise and potential markets, the company decided on a ultrasound platform as their new product, and established AUROTECH ultrasound AS. The company has invested more than USD 10 million since then, and the first version of the ultrasound platform was released in 2009.

The new product was called MANUS (Miniaturized Application-Neutral Ultrasound System), and is a unique platform combining flexibility, image quality, and small size with low manufacturing costs. MANUS is a product platform, or a “Lego” system, that easily and intuitively adapts to a wide range of clinical ultrasound applications. The platform is offered to OEM partners (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and in some cases to license partners. By selling the platform and not the end product, AUROTECH can focus on the signal processing, and the feedback is that we are among the best in the global market (tested by customers and independent researchers, reports on inquiry).

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