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MANUS - Ultrasound engine

MANUS is a fully digital miniaturized ultrasound platform ready for OEM customers.

The most important buying criterion for our customers is high image quality. Beside image quality, AUROTECH has focused on miniaturization and a modular and flexible design.

The MANUS platform has the same high-speed data collection and image processing capabilities as high-end scanners, due to its special application of FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) technology. The image quality is comparable with large high-end scanners for many applications, and this has been tested by both customers and independent researchers. Reports can be provided on inquiry.

The compact design (miniaturization) is perfect for portable solutions and is easy to fit into existing equipment. The use of FPGA technology has also made it possible to achieve the compact design with less noise and interference and, according to some of our customers (report is available), MANUS has much less noise than any comparable system. The MANUS miniaturization is also favorable with regard to low manufacturing costs.

MANUS is a flexible "Lego" system, and the system is scalable from 64 to 128 channels. The flexibility of the system comes from stacking up to 4 main MANUS modules, 32 channels each. The result is systems of 64, 96, or 128 channels. The FPGA technology also makes it possible to tune image quality for different applications and AUROTECH has also developed a tool for optimizing image quality, called MANUS OPTI-TOOL, which makes it very easy to tune probes in real time.

The MANUS platform is constantly undergoing improvements, but the main technology is made for the future. The use of modern components and the flexible modular architecture has prepared the platform for adaption to new signal-processing technologies. With just limited development resources, AUROTECH expects MANUS to be among the best OEM solutions available for at least 10 years.

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