ODM: Adding Premium ultrasound capabilities to your product

Need for high-quality


Easy integration


MANUS v13 layers

4th generation

  • Modular, compact and flexible
  • Very good high frequency quality
  • Great Signal to Noise ratio
  • Signal processing in FPGA
  • Include ESP (External Software Package)
    with a well-defined API to host computer

Application areas

MANUS technology is primarily developed for the medical market, as ultrasound imaging for diagnosis and imaging control during treatment. MANUS is also used for other medical applications, industrial NDT inspection, agriculture applications etc.

Reduce time to market with ODM ultrasound modules

Concentrate on your idea, application and/or algorithms for the use of ultrasound, we provide the front-end ultrasound engine for integration into your product. Our ISO13485 compliant ODM ultrasound modules, together with the real-time tuning and optimization software OPTI-TOOL fast tracks the development process. Easy integration with powerful API and access to RF data.