MANUS IV-X22 underside


MANUS firmware upgrade is done via Internet, and allows upgrades to new features and enhancements in an easy way. AUROTECH ultrasound offers assistance in interfacing third party applications to the MANUS platform. AUROTECH ultrasound does also offer R&D of customer specified designs for specific applications. AUROTECH ultrasound can handle CE, UL and FDA approvals of new designs.



MANUS prizing is competitive and depends on quantities, configuration, interface and number of channels. Different types of probe contacts can be adapted. The default probe contact is the 260 PIN AMP Twin Cam ZIF.

MANUS IV-X22 backside


The MANUS system is mounted in a metal enclosure and is fully tested before delivery. Please don’t hesitate to ask for further information.


Product Concept

MANUS is a miniaturized high-performance ultrasound scanner module for application specific and general ultrasound machines. It is characterized by high sensitivity and great raw data quality which can be used for B-mode, M-mode, PW Doppler and Color Flow.

MANUS technology is based on 30 years experience in low noise analog – and high-speed digital design:

  • Modular, compact and flexible
  • Very good high frequency quality
  • Great Signal to Noise ratio
  • Signal processing in FPGA

Technical data

Imaging modes
B-mode (B)
M-mode (M)
Color Doppler (C)
PW Doppler (D)
Mixed modes: B+M, B+D, B+C
Imaging mode add-ons
Spatial compound
Parallel beamforming
Operating temperature0 to +40°C ambient
Storage temperature-20 to +55°C
Physical size<219 x 182 x 43mm
Power Supply12VDC, <45W
Probe Interface Port1 port
Communication PortUSB 3.0 Micro-B
Firmware uploadVia USB
Power Connector1 connector powers all modules
Tx voltage B-modeTXVH: 10 – 160Vpp
Tx voltage Doppler modesTXVL 2 – 80Vpp
Tx output power>8W
Tx frequency2 MHz – 20MHz
Transducer impedance50Ω – 400Ω
Rx amp 3dB Bandwith1.0 – 23 MHz
Analog TGC variation>43dB
Channel separation>40dB @ 7.5MHz
Anti-aliasing filterSW configurable analog low pass filter
A/D resolution14bit
PRF range200Hz – 18kHz
Maximum delay±16.0µs
ApodizationIndividual element dynamic definition
Quality SystemEN ISO 13485:2016
Risk ManagementEN ISO 14971:2019
SafetyEN 60601-1:2006/A1:2013
EN 60601-1-1:2001
EN 62304:2006 Amendment 1 (2015)
EN 60601-2-37:2007/AMD1:2015
EMC RegulationEN 60601-1-2: 2015, tested with host system
ProductionRoHS directive EU 2015/863
Plastics flammability standard UL94